The Ndlovu Youth Choir Stirs up Emotions with Their America’s Got Talent Performance

A dream performance of a youth choir from South Africa has made the crowd tear up. At the TV show America’s Got Talent, the musical group called The Ndlovu Youth Choir hit the stage and captured everyone’s hearts. This was in celebration of the choir’s 10th anniversary, and they’ve made sure to perform a fitting song to express the beauty that music has brought to their lives. They sang their original composition, “My African Dream,” wholeheartedly. Led by the artistic director Ralf Schmitt, the piece is supposed to be an expression of the young talents’ “hope and dreams.”

They even started their performance with an inspiring and touching message to all children out there: “Just because you are born into poverty doesn’t mean that you are poverty.” The group is native from a rural village of Moutse Limpopo and has aimed to provide an outlet to all artistic youth from difficult backgrounds. “When they join us, many of our kids have the weight of the world on their shoulders, and to them, their problems feel insurmountable,” Ralf said in a taped segment. They’ve been presenting their beautiful voices all over South Africa for about a decade now. And the raw and natural talents that joined the group just kept on growing and growing.

Ndlovu-Youth-Choir-AGTThe world first knew their name from their viral rendition of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You”. Now, they’ve definitely outdone themselves, stirring the crowd into a standing ovation with their impressive original work! This has then led them to receive a resounding yes from all the judges. “We’ve always been waiting for a choir like this, something we’ve never heard before,” Simon Cowell excitedly remarked. “And your energy was literally bouncing off me right there. It was a great audition and you, I’m going to remember.”

Ndlovu-Youth-ChoirWatch the video below and see for yourself the vibrance of South Africa compressed into these lovely young fellas!

It was pure of joy, magic, and magnificence; we couldn’t ask for more!