The Rock’s Baby Girl Tries to Escape Bedtime with ‘Moana’ Song

One of the challenges that parents face amid the pandemic is entertaining our kids or toddlers at home. We all know that toddlers, in particular, are bound to expand their environment: run outside, gain playmates, and discover what the world offers. They get bored quickly. Being confined in the four corners of our home is not easy for our kids too. It may not seem obvious, but they are affected as well. However, it is what we need to do today: stay at home, save lives. Of millions of challenged parents, the legendary actor Dwayne Johnson is not an exception. In his Instagram posts, he shares how he and his kids spend time during these trying times, in which he calls as #quarantinesilverblessings.

One cute video from The Rock is when his 2-year old baby Tia tries to escape bedtime. One unique way of Tia to convince her dad not to put her to bed yet is letting the dad sing her favorite song: “You’re Welcome” song from the Disney movie Moana. Luckily, daddy, The Rock, was the voice-over of the demigod, Maui, and who happens to be the original singer of Tia’s fave song. For the nth time, Tia still can’t go to bed yet and even asked the daddy to sing a bit more, in which the latter wholeheartedly obliges.

Funny thing, Dwayne seems does not get tired and still in Maui’s voice and character. Cute little Tia fills up the lyrics making them all the more adorable together! It is such a charming moment to see The Rock and Tia singing while holding hands. Tia hopping, while enjoying the song, adds up to the cuteness of the two. Dwayne’s IG caption shares that he is a concise communicator and a fair negotiator, even calls himself as the boss.

But then, he still gives in to Tia, who is the real boss. There, there! They end up watching Moana videos on Youtube for another 15 minutes. See the video below for another awesomeness and adorable moment of the two.

To this day, Tia is not yet convinced that her daddy is the demigod Maui and the legendary The Rock. We can’t wait for more daddy Dwayne and baby Tia cute videos!