These Boys Sing an Acapella Medley Including ‘Beautiful Girls’ and Everybody Wants More

Acapella is Italian for “in the manner of the chapel” it is singing without an accompaniment of instruments; others use their voice to mime instrument while some focus on blending. In the olden days, it was used in religious music, usually in churches. But now a variety of acapella songs are being performed by various artists.

These acapella group of boys doing a tremendous rendition of “Beautiful Girls” with a medley of “Stand by Me” are the Trinitones, founded in February 2012; they are college boys from Trinity College in Dublin. Due to their incredible talents, they’ve already performed on various national stages.

boys-singing-beautiful-girlsHowever, they have a video that is being viral on the world wide web. The show happened on their school campus with flashing lights behind them. They opened their production by introducing one of the members as Sean Kingston and started the song with his cool and enticing voice. They were then followed by the different combinations of their voices, sounding like they have instrumental accompaniment. The blending of their voices was really inviting to watch and listen to, and they also added a choreographed dance number.


Then, they shifted the song from “Beautiful Girls” to a sample of “Stand by Me” by Ben E. King so smoothly that no one has noticed the change of tune. They also did not upstage each other; in fact, they gave way for each other to show their own unique style of performance. They definitely did justice to the songs. They closed the entertainment by two members hugging each other comically with the last line of “Stand by me.” Watch their incredible performance below; we are sure that you will want to have more.

If you want to hear and watch more from this talented group of men, follow them on their official YouTube channel.