This 18-String Harp Guitar Cover of ‘The Sound of Silence’ Will Take You to Another World

If you love Simon & Garfunkel’s melancholic song, “The Sound of Silence,” then it’s about time you say hello to your old friend once more. A mesmerizing rendition on an 18-string harp guitar is going to pull you back in the darkness and be oddly comforted by the slow melody. I couldn’t even stop myself from feeling all emotional as I hear this classic tune again. The song, as ever, is both haunting and captivating. But the cover itself seemed to reverberate down my spine extraordinarily- it’s giving me chills!

The amazing artist behind this exceptional fingerpicking is the YouTuber, Jamie Dupuis. He’s a Canadian musician who loves playing all sorts of instruments (some you may not have even heard of). In the video, he used a guitar packed with an overwhelming number of strings that took the song to another level. The gorgeous instrument comprises of 6 low bass strings, six basic guitar strings, and six high note strings. With this, he was not just able to give the song justice but went even further and added an extra layer of somber.

Image credit: YouTube

He gently strummed the harp guitar as he sat in a forest, letting out a hypnotic serenade that echoes to your soul. Any fan of this song will certainly be impressed with this serious talent and would love every second of this version. To think that Jamie never spoke a word, yet you can feel each strum speak for itself; that’s something else. He played the breathtaking instrument perfectly, adding depth and beauty to the timeless song. It’s so soothing yet gloomy in the most glorious way.

Image credit: YouTube

Are you ready for all the feels? Check out the amazing video below and experience it yourself.

This performance is so powerful that it transcends all the barriers you could think of. With this, he was able to whisper the sound of silence ever softly and carefully to our hearts. Hats down, mister!