This 6-Year-Old Girl Play’s ‘Remember Me’ from Coco in a Very Cute Video

A talented young girl performs a delightful rendition of the Disney song “Remember Me,” and it’s definitely going to make your day! With a huge guitar on her lap, she gently moved her little fingers to pluck the instrument as she softly sings the heartwarming movie score. Miumiu is a six-year-old artist from Beijing, China. She may look small, but this little genius packs a huge flair with her. She has done many different covers of the classic bands’ songs and other iconic singles using a number of instruments. But perhaps her favorite is rocking that awesome jazz guitar!

For those who aren’t very familiar with the song, Remember Me is a powerful piece from the 2017 animated Pixar movie, “Coco.” The show is centered on the complexity of the loss of a loved one and grief. It tells the adventure of a boy named Miguel who loves music and went through the Land of the Dead just to see the spirit of his great-great-grandfather and musical idol. It’s a colorful and festive film showcasing the Latinx holiday of Día de Muertos. While death is often a difficult topic to discuss, Coco was able to display the love amidst pain and focus on honoring those who had to go even as we mourn for their absence.

Remember-Me-CocoThe said movie score particularly tugged many heartstrings and touched people’s souls as it served as a reminder that those we’ve lost will still continue to live in our hearts and memories. And such heartbreaking sweetness resonated with everyone as we look back to those before us. Not to mention that Miumiu’s soft and adorable voice just made it all the better! Close your eyes and listen to the melancholy melody of the guitar, with the promise that those you love will never fade away.

Coco-Remember-MeWatch the moving performance below and have all the feels on the couch today.

I think a lot of people would agree when I say that this is more than just a song. This emotional art is definitely something I’d always hold dear in my heart.