This Dog Enjoying ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ on Kalimba Is Everything

While I was lazing around this afternoon, I came across a captivating video of Elvis Presley’s “Can”t Help Falling In Love” played in a unique instrument. This beautiful classic song is timeless and lasting; hearing this song made me really think about love. Does that mean I’m falling in love all over again? It seems like it! However, not to a person but to a cute fur baby and magical sound.

The instrument used in this relaxing viral video is a Kalimba. Kalimba is an African instrument that sounds like a combination of piano and chime. Even the dog of the musician is clearly mesmerized by the sound it produces. He has a faraway look that maybe brought him to dreamland. It looks like the dog is listening intently and enjoying the music, clearly seems to be falling in love with the sound.

kalimba-dogWhen the music performance is done, he went to the artist as if thanking him and telling him that he had a good time. He was looking like he was asking him for more of this calming and comforting sound. The gentle swaying of the summer breeze of the plants in the background that makes them look like dancing with the soft and tender tune added a refreshing vibe to this video. If we were there, we would only want to sit down and listen or stroll and float along with the music. I can’t help really but fall in love with the melody.

kalimba-can_t-help-falling-in-loveLet’s watch and listen to the artist play “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley on this unusual instrument, let yourself be mesmerized by the soothing and relaxing tunes that come out of it.

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