This Dog Playing the Drums to ‘The Office’ Theme Is All You Need to See Today

The great thing about the internet is we stumbled upon amazing and entertaining content in just one click of our fingers. One of the great examples is the video that I found on YouTube randomly while I pass the time. In the viral video that already garnered 1.3 million views in just five months, a guy named Trench shows his guitar skill in the tune of “The Office” theme. If you have never heard or watched “The Office,” it is an American mockumentary sitcom series that depicts the daily lives of the office employees in Scranton, Pennsylvania. It ran for nine seasons that ended last 2013. However, the talented guitar skill of Trench or the incredibly well-known tune of “The Office” is not the reason this video has become viral.

The reason it became a viral sensation is because of Maple’s participation; this very good girl is the loyal sidekick of the extremely talented guitarist, Trench. According to the official website of AcousticTrench, Maple is a mixed breed with part Border Collie, Golden Retriever, and Shetland Sheepdog. And this mixed breed gifted dog is now dominating the YouTube world.

dog-playing-drumWhy? You ask. Well, this talented dog is the one playing the drum on this performance. Yes, you read it right! Maple is the one providing us the beautiful drumbeat of the theme song of one of the famous TV series of all time. We all know how smart and brilliant dogs are; they may be the reason they were tagged as “The Man’s Best Friend.” But, Maple is not just bright; she is incredibly talented too.

dog-The-Office-themeWatch below how Maple rocks our world one paw at a time:

If you want to witness more of Maple’s performance (yes, you read it right! There is more!), check out Trench’s official YouTube account named AcousticTrench.