This Pan Flute Cover of The Beatles’ ‘Let It Be’ Will Send You Reminiscing

The Beatles were the most recognized group in the 60s and 70s. They made a big hit all over the world that even until now, their songs are still as popular as ever that they are being used by other artists to make their own rendition.

And one of the bests I’ve ever heard of is the version of Eduardo Garcia covering the Beatles “Let it Be” this is under the album Romance Forever Music for the Heart by Andrean Fusion. This song was released by the Beatles in March 1970, and have garnered the Grammy Award for Record of the Year and Best Pop Performance. They made a documentary film of this song in 1970, documenting the Beatles of their rehearsals and transcribing songs for their 12th studio.

beatles-panfluteEduardo presented this fusion rendition with his amazing talent in different instruments. The sound it emanates is soothing that it calms your weary soul, especially in times of trouble, and in the hour of darkness, his music whispers words of wisdom, “Just let it be.” He showcased this famous song utilizing a different variety of instruments that have an amazing effect on those listening, especially for those feeling downhearted. Heeding to this melodious rendition will surely lift up your despondent heart.

let-it-be-panfluteYou can just imagine how talented this guy is that he can collaborate distinct instruments to create a masterpiece like no other; he plays all of them perfectly and smoothly on a high level. And just by listening to it brings you to a greater level with the heavenly melody that will pacify your heart. Let’s brace ourselves and listen to his heartwarming rendition below:

Can’t get enough of Eduardo Garcia’s masterpieces? Check out more of his great performances on his YouTube channel and get to know him and his music better.