This ‘Sound of Silence’ Harp Cover Is All You Need to Hear Today

They say legends are forever and so we prove that it is indeed true- especially in the world of music. One of the all-time classic songs that everyone can still sing along to is Simon and Garfunkel’s Sound of Silence. Sounds familiar? From the 1960s up to this day, this song still lives on. This song written by Paul Simon is not just beautiful but interesting though.

Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel are a perfect match with their songwriting and excellent singing prowess respectively. The American folk-rock duo had their names big in the music industry but unfortunately ends up bitterly. Nonetheless, it doesn’t rid the fact that they make good music together. All the more, Sound of Silence is immortalized by numerous established artists and aspiring artists in the music industry. It is played in different instruments and applied with various renditions. However, one cover stands out among hundreds who played it today- Naomi SV.

This 1965 hit song “Sound of Silence’ played on a harp is all you need to hear today. Naomi SV’s harp cover will give you the relaxation feels, time travels you back to the 1960s when all is plain and simple. Set in Quebec, Canadian harpist Naomi just made the right venue when she played her ‘Sound of Silence’ cover. To us, she perfectly looks like an angel, playing the harp and sending good vibes to everyone listening. The way she smartly plucks the strings is indeed a genius, lovely, and more so, amazing! The venue of the cover which seems to be right in a green pasture adds up to make the audience feel calm and still. Just as perfect to warm our hearts.

Along with Naomi’s cover, she posted a separate video blooper of a deer coming right at her while she was playing the harp.

She indeed tamed the animal with her music that’s gentle to the ears. We may not see it in the video, but we are sure that birds are right there singing along with Naomi’s sweet music- almost makes her a Disney princess!