Tourist Girl Wows the Crowd When She Challenges a London Street Performer

All sorts of artists are around the streets of any bustling city. May it be musicians, dancers, magicians, or entertainers, we all see them try to put a smile on the crowd’s faces. Every performance is different, but they all lighten up (even just a bit) the passerby’s days. And sometimes, they even ask for volunteers in the audience to join them in a memorable performance, just like this street performer from central London. He challenged a young tourist to match his moves and grooves. But what he didn’t know is that he’ll get more than what he has bargained for.

The tourist in question is a nine-year-old girl! She’s a sweetheart from Sweden, and despite her somehow meekly appearance, this little lady can dance. So, she gladly accepted the challenge and joined the busker in the center stage. With some live music in the background to match their energy, the performer immediately started with five push-ups. He did it with so much ease! But the kid knows her thing and started to mimic the flawless routine as well.

tourist-girlBut both were just heating up! And so, they’ve moved on to the next challenge, and it’s getting a bit trickier. What’s next? Cartwheels. Well, if that sounded difficult to you, our enthusiastic young redhead right here is more than prepared to do it already. And as expected, it was a piece of cake. The performer even spotted her to ensure safety, but, it turns out, she doesn’t need it at all! When asked to do two in a row, she’s more than happy to show everyone what she’s got. This is then followed by a 360-degree jump spin.

tourist-girl-challenge-performerFinally, the good-spirited guest joined the performers’ main routine and was asked to stay still with her hands over her head. The place was filled with excitement and anticipation as the audience starts to wonder what’s going to happen next. And, in a swift, the child was lifted in the air with the help of two other performers. This surprising act was then followed by some dancing before the two took a bow as the crowd cheered happily. Watch the video below and enjoy the delightful impromptu performance of the two.

The young lady is such a good sport! She was able to keep up and was, in no doubt, having the time of her life. It was a blast!