Two Teenagers Are Speechless Listening to Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene’ for the First Time

Dolly Parton first wrote the song ‘Jolene’ in 1973 because of a woman who had a little extra interest in her husband. While the topic became a joke between Dolly and her husband, it did create a hit single for the singer.

The woman with the crush was not named ‘Jolene’. In fact, Dolly met a young fan with pretty red hair at the end of a show. The fan’s name was Jolene, and Dolly filed that name away because the name struck her as beautiful.

Teenagers listen dolly parton jolene first time

First Time for Everything

It is hard to believe that there are people in existence who have never heard Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene’, but here we are. These twins had never heard of Dolly, and they decided to have a listen.

The teens are immediately impressed with the song and pause the song to sing ‘Jolene.’ After turning the music up, they tune back in. The two listen a little longer, and at minute 2:25, they stop to discuss the meaning behind the lyrics and how much they like the passion of the storytelling.

I’m Begging of You

Teenagers listen dolly parton jolene first time

You must watch the video and see the twin’s reaction ever time Dolly hits the chorus. They hear it at minute 1:35 and have the same response each time they listen to it.

Jolene has a solid chord progression, and the chorus is just the repetition of the one word, so it is easy to get into the song.

We tend to have the same reaction every time we hear ‘Jolene’, so it is validating to see teens who have never listened to the song have the same response we have been having for decades.

You can watch the video here:

This song is highly relatable and highlights a vulnerability many of us women feel.

Images: YouTube