Vigorous Roberta Battaglia Gets a Standing Ovation for Her Rendition of ‘Scars to Your Beautiful’

This amazing young prodigy reminds me of my first walking doll with the same name Roberta, that I received from Sta. Claus when I was a little girl. I have never forgotten that doll with a pretty face, just like when you see this dynamic girl you will surely be bewitched by her beauty. She looks so much like a beautiful doll that comes with a magnificent voice.

Roberta Battaglia from Toronto, Canada is a ten-year-old girl gifted with a vigorous voice that will surely bewitch you. She comes from a musical family and she started singing at a tender age of three with her father Alessandro Battaglia. This father and daughter duo has performed on many occasions from the local community to galas and charity events. She has done several repertoires both in English and Italian varying from ballads to high octane pop.

Roberta just like any other talented performers has tried it to America’s Got Talent that she wowed the audience and the judges as well with her voice that is beyond her age. Between her song the viewers can’t help but applause all the time that when she finished she was given a loud whistling and cheers from them and a standing ovation. The judges just loved her and their comments were heartwarming that overwhelms her.

She covered the song “Scars to Your Beautiful”, recorded by Alessia Cara a Canadian singer and songwriter, that awed the judges and made her continue her journey to the talent show. However, she fell short in winning the US$1-million America’s Got Talent’s grand prize to Brandon Leake, but the young charismatic girl left a mark on everyone’s heart. And a star is born.

Let’s support more of this young talent’s career by watching more of her videos.