Watch BTS Explosive Performance of ‘Dynamite’ On America’s Got Talent That’ll Surely Rock Your World

Attention! ARMY, stop whatever you’re doing right now and give me your full focus. But try to contain your hearts or you might faint. (I’m not kidding, nah-uh.) Sit back and relax because BTS is here again to rock your world and blow your minds! This time, they blasted into the hit TV show, “America’s Got Talent”. And they surely did it with a bang. The seven gorgeous men performed their first all-English release, “Dynamite”, on Wednesday night (Sept. 16). This is for AGT’s semi-finals results show.

Jungkook, RM, V, Jimin, J-Hope, Suga, and Jin, all wore gorgeous 70’s inspired clothes, bringing out a fresh but familiar style. We were first greeted with Jungkook, sporting an amazing checkered suit that matches his newly curled locks. The heartthrob will immediately snatch your heart as he dances on what looks like the AGT judges’ table! We were then transported to RM, moving gleefully to the rhythm on top of the gas station roof. Below him is J-Hope, rocking his red jacket and grooving to the beat. And as the whole group went dancing together for the song’s chorus, Jimin’s vocals were shining through, making all the girls swoon over him.

As the song progresses, V, dressed in a dashing green vest and bell-bottom pants, casually walked to the car with RM in the backseat. After a while, we can also see Suga dancing on the car’s hood ever charmingly. Finally, Jin gathered the whole group together again for the grand final act. This time, the stage is already on fire! It was getting too hot to handle, we couldn’t take it anymore. The exceptional dancing was even matched with bright fireworks that just intensify the wild number! You could surely say that the whole act was “dynamite”.

Watch the flawless performance below and feel your knees grow weak for the band.

I can’t breathe! If you’re looking for perfection, this one is certainly it. So much beauty in just one act, we can’t wait to see more!