Wait Until the Moment PS22 Chorus Joins AJR in Singing ‘100 Bad Days’

For those of you not in the know, PS22 is an elementary school in New York. The school chorus has around 60 firth graders. Directed by Gregg Breinberg, the group is a Webby Award-winning chorus. The chorus has closed the Academy Awards and is host to many musical acts.

In this video, the band AJR performs their song ‘100 Bad Days’ with the chorus of fifth graders. The song plays to the idea that the struggles we all face as humans lend to shaping us into interesting human beings with stories to tell.

AJR performs with PS22 Chorus

This is Joy

If you are having a bad day or are in a bad mood, this video will lift you up. AJR is singing in the front-facing the camera. The chorus is standing in front of auditorium-type seats behind the band. You can see the delight in the band members’ faces as the kids start singing back up. It seems like they did not expect what they are hearing. You can see this moment at minute 0:10.

The kids really begin to get into it at minute 0:34, and we are grinning right along with the band as the kids sing with absolute joy. They get into the music by dancing, and AJR cannot stop looking over their shoulders to take it all in.

AJR performs with PS22 Chorus

No Bad Days Today

If you keep watching until minute 2:38, the kids start dancing so silly that you will want to join them. As the kids dance, they play off each other with the lyrics, and it is adorable. It is probably a good thing the band has their backs to the PS22 chorus because we cannot imagine how it is they could continue to perform with all the cuteness happening. This is definitely not a bad day.

You can watch the video here:

This good day will make a great story, too.

Images: YouTube