Watch 75 Choir Members Sing the ‘Coconut Song’ as a Treat to Emirates Airline Crew

Not so long ago, I heard my daughter singing this novelty song “Coconut Song.” Then she came to me and asked me if I know that a coconut nut is a giant nut, that if I eat too much, I’ll grow very fat. That put a smile on my face because it’s been quite a while since I heard that song. Then she left still singing, and while playing, I could hear her still humming it.

This gave me the “last song syndrome” that I cannot help but found myself singing it too, and it continued playing in my mind until I came across this sing-along “Coconut Song” on YouTube. This novelty song is usually a piece of satire music, sometimes performed to give humor and fun. Some use atypical lyrics or notes, and sometimes it’s not even musical.


This is what the choir members from the Baylor University School did when they flew with Emirates Airlines from Kenya. They went coconut singing this “Coconut Song” for the crew members as their “Thank you” performance. This presentation from the singing boys really gave them and the other passengers pleasure and amusement that the trip instantly became pleasant. Some of them even swayed with the songs, photo shots from left to right kept flashing. Who would not be delighted in this kind of number where they were able to make the simple song into a real repertoire. Their voices were blended from different vocal ranges with the harmonic effect that turned out like a real production number.


The presentation also has a dance act in spite of the small space they have. What more can one ask for? This free and impromptu entertainment really makes the trip an enjoyable ride.

If you want more entertaining performance, watch and follow this choir that developed a strong distinction of choral excellence.