Watch a Bearded Adam Levine in Maroon 5’s New Single ‘Nobody’s Love’

Maroon 5‘s latest hit single “Nobody’s Love” was released to the world recently this July. The band stands out as one of the most enduring groups of artists in the world of pop music. As expected, the song’s official music video snagged millions of YouTube views.

As a group who had done more than a hundred concerts in different countries, it seems they’re making a different kind of concert that suits the ongoing situation of the world as most of the people are forced to stay in their own homes, so as each member of the famous pop-rock band—fronted by Adam Levine, each member performed outside of their respective homes. Some, with their kids seen playing or watching to enjoy the moment.

maroon-5-nobodys-loveAs highly experienced and professional musicians, they made the collaboration sounds like they’re on the same studio playing together. Of course, there’s the magic of video editing, as you might argue, but it’s hard not to get amazed at how they kept their passion through all the years and remained one of the world’s most awarded and recognized groups. The song’s official video created different opinions as it shows Adam smoking a joint and ends with the message to legalized marijuana. In Maroon 5’s Instagram account, they posted a message saying they hope “Nobody’s Love” brings peace to the world with all the ongoing crises such as the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter protests.

maroon-5Watch their entertaining home concert below:

“Nobody’s Love” seems like the 2020’s version of 2013’s “Love Somebody” when it comes to how they played each song. Both have a little bit mellow tone, and yet you want to dance with the tune. Maybe, that’s why you heard their latest song for the first, and yet you had the thought that you already knew it for years.