Watch Andrea Bocelli and Ed Sheeran Played by Kids in ‘Amo Soltanto Te’ Video

Here’s an adorable and romantic song that’ll give you tiny butterflies in the stomach! Andrea Bocelli and Ed Sheeran have teamed up to create arguably the perfect love song of the decade. And the music video will take you to an alternate world where everyone’s pretty much pint-sized. The internet was freaking out! Together, they’ve performed the song “Amo Soltanto Te” (translating to “I Only Love You”), which is included in the renowned Italian singer’s album “Si.” And the result is as stunning as ever. But their exquisite and gorgeous vocals aren’t the best part of the piece yet.

The official video included tiny doppelgangers of the two artists that are undeniably spot on! Andrea’s wearing his usual tux, and tinted sunglasses as Ed flaunted his trademark tattoos and eyeglasses. The two mini-mes are just too cute to handle! The entire cast on the wedding is also all children, making it extra amusing and delightful. The super sweet song was performed by the powerhouse duo in the event and even took us to some lovely flashbacks when the bride and groom were an older couple.

ed-sheeran-andrea-bocelliThe video then finally ended with the grown-up version of the wedding that’s pure beauty and bliss. This is then followed by the alternate child artists who showed a much adorable and innocent version of the celebration. You may not understand the language, but the tender melody of the song itself tells a touching story about pure love and adoration. The pair always creates such a perfect symphony that’s pure heaven to our ears. But the piece just makes you swoon, and even long for love that lasts forever.

ed-sheeran-andrea-bocelli-kidsWatch the cutest ballad performance below and fall in love with their stunning vocals!

Fans will certainly be delighted with this imaginative music video. It was the perfect mixture of fun and intimacy that can certainly make anybody’s day. The two truly never fail to amaze us!