Watch How Sam Black Turned the Judge’s ‘No’ to the Most Important ‘Yes’ of His Life

People go to X-Factor with the hopes of impressing the judges and get their sweet resounding yes. It provides an opportunity of a lifetime that can boost anyone’s artistic career. However, while all the contestants can be seen preparing for one of the most life-changing performances of their lives, a young singer has actually been gearing up for something much more special. Sam Black was a 27-year-old participant of the 2017 X-Factor show. While looking very confident, he admitted that it wasn’t him who applied for the spot but was rather put forward by his girlfriend Emma along with their son, Mason.

Sam is a humble plasterer from Liverpool who has a passion for singing but didn’t see himself much of a grand performer. It was his loving partner who has always believed in his musical flair. “I think she thinks I’m a better singer than I am,” he even told everyone in a segment before his audition. And so, the aspiring singer performed Del Shannon’s Runaway at Boot Camp with all his heart. You can see that he was full of enthusiasm as he sings in front of the crowd.

Sam-Black-NoHowever, his heartwarming story was put to an end with a gutting no from the judges. Everyone was confused and surprised as he was asked to stop mid-performance and got a no. But instead of sulking for his loss, the crowd-favorite singer did something unexpected. It turns out he has been planning all along to propose to his partner of five years at this very moment! Simon Cowell, Nicole Scherzinger, Sharon Osbourne, and Louis Walsh were stunned as he asked Emma to join him on stage and got down on one knee for the world to see! This time, he got the most important resounding yes of his life.

Sam-Black-proposesWatch the touching video below and get a ride of the emotional roller coaster.

Sam may be keeping his cool, but the stunt was certainly nerve-wracking. He even put the ring on the wrong finger! His audition may not have gone well, but he’s definitely one lucky man!