See Why Nandi Bushell is the 10-Year-Old Girl Taking the Drumming World by Storm!

We have to warn you about 10-year-old Nandi Bushell. She rocks harder than you. I know it seems unlikely, but it is true. She can play the drums, keyboard, bass guitar, and lead guitar. Her talent, energy, and enthusiasm are more than most bands playing at your local venue.

In fact, she has a following that dwarfs most local bands. She has gained 177,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel alone! That has brought her over 21 million views, as well as worldwide recognition. She has been featured on Billboard’s website, as well as being recognized by several of the artists she has covered.

System of a Down's Toxicity performed by Nandi Bushell

Rock Star Salute

Two of the biggest names in rock, Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine, and Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, and Nirvana have both been fans of Nandi’s work. That’s not including the other genre stars that have even asked her to tour with them.

Tom Morello was impressed with Nandi’s Black Lives Matter tribute performance. In that performance, she played the drums, bass guitar, and lead guitar in a video mashup to support the cause.

And what song did she play? “Guerilla Radio” by Rage Against the machine, of course! Morello was so happy with her performance he sent her not only a personalized accolade but also his signature Fender Soul Power Stratocaster.

Dave Grohl was similarly impressed and excited. Not only has he reached out to congratulate Nandi, but he has also become her “friend in Rock!” Nandi challenged Grohl to a “drum-off,” where she performed a song that Grohl himself hadn’t performed since it was recorded in 1997.

He returned the challenge with the song “Dead End Friends” by his band Them Crooked Vultures. Since then, Grohl has gone as far as to write a song about Nandi, performing every instrument and vocals on his own.

Nandi Bushell drums Toxicity by System of a Down

Talented Beyond Reason

It doesn’t take much to see that Nandi Bushell is a music prodigy. Her gift is astonishing, especially at such an age. Instead of playing the recorder, she’s tearing it up with complex and iconic pieces. Please take a look and see what we mean!

Nandi has a long way to grow still, so we are excited to see the amazing things she accomplishes with her talent.


Featured Image: Youtube