Two Teens Reaction to 1st Time Hearing Phil Collins ‘In the Air Tonight’ Goes Viral

Let it not be said that reaction videos are dead! In fact, reaction videos have a new face or faces. However, these faces look very similar. YouTube content creators Twinsthenewtrend are, as the name suggests, twins. They record reaction videos to a variety of materials, mostly music.

Because of their age, you wouldn’t expect them to listen to artists like Dolly Parton, Janis Joplin, or Phil Collins. However, they take suggestions from their audience and record their experience. These reactions range from laughter to outright dancing in their chairs. If nothing else, their openness to experiencing new music is a joy to see.

Teens Experience Phil Collins for the first time

I Can Feel It

Of course, whenever there’s something good to watch, Twitter will make it known. Users of all different ages and backgrounds have chimed in after splurging on the Twins’ playlist. One user writes, “There’s something incredible about seeing people react to something you love, for the first time. I get the appeal.”

Another is reminded of things they have taken for granted, but see brought back to life watching these young men. “Seeing them lose it at the drum solo just made my day [Loud Crying Emoji] I’ve heard it so much over the years, it barely catches my attention anymore.”

We have to personally agree with the user that wrote, “I have become a little obsessed with these guys during lock down.”

Teens react to Phil Collins In The Air Tonight

When The Iconic Drums Hit

For those that know the song well or anyone that’s ever heard it at least once, you know the moment those drums hit. The song moves along so smoothly, and you’re in the moment with Phil. Your head bobs slowly, and then the drums come in. We all flail our arms on the air drums like we’re Mike Tyson in The Hangover! Be sure to watch the moment it hits and the reactions the guys have.

It’s great to see how much fun they are having with music. Some of it was written when their parents were children. These young men create a connection between generations and inspire an exploration into music.

It is a great reminder to try new music from time to time.